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Decisively map out what you should do, not what you could do.

With more than 20 years of collective experience, our in-house design strategy and UX firm, VineDESK, has helped Fortune 68+ companies and startups launch innovative digital products. Our user-centric, research-driven design process ensures that we uncover and validate the actual needs of the user. We always start by asking, "What problem are we trying to solve?". We employ user research, journey mapping, and prototyping to validate our assumptions and clearly define the solution in terms of what you should do, not what you could do. This approach significantly reduces project risk around budget and timeline and ensures that the product solves the right problem and truly meets the business's needs.

Strategy and Design


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Product development is hard

Product development can fail for several reasons. It could be from lack of stakeholder alignment, underestimating the total effort needed, lack of a clear product decision-maker, or failure to identify proven versus assumed user needs appropriately. Failure could mean a delay in launching your product, wasting massive time and capital, or even the loss of your startup.

Align your stakeholders

Our product strategy specialists will help you identify who all of your stakeholders are — from the principles in your company, sales staff, customer service, the end-user, and even your vendors. We'll help you bring all of their expectations into alignment.

Scope the project organically

We'll help you properly estimate the total effort that building a new product will actually take. Most companies tend to underestimate, which could throw off the timing of your product launch and marketing campaign.

Identify the project owner

Without a decision-maker, it will become very difficult to meet your team's initially targeted development timeline. To prevent getting stuck in an approval loop, we'll help you clearly define roles before the project start.

Prove the user needs

Don't risk the entire success of your project by assuming what your customers need. Our product strategy experts will adequately research your stakeholders' proven needs to ensure the return of investment and efficiency gains you expected.

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